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How to order samples

Send us an email with a list of the samples you wish to order. Please don't forget to add your delivery address + phone number. We charge you for the samples and postage but deduct the cost of the samples when you place an order later. We are able to fit up to 8 samples in one sample box.

How to place an order

  • Place your order by email or use the form below.
  • We send you an invoice with payment instructions by e-mail. For orders you need to make a bank transaction for the payment. Samples can be paid with credit card.
  • Once we have received payment we send the tiles on a protective pallet to your desired address.

Assuming that we have the tiles in stock shipping within Europe takes about 7-10 working days after received payment.
Shipping by air to the US and Canada takes about 7-10 days after we received payment.



Kaserntorget 6, SE-411 18 GÖTEBORG, Sweden. phone +46 31 711 66 40

Opening hours showroom: Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00, Saturday 11.00-15.00

Office opening hours 09.00 -17.00

Architects/Interior designers: please contact Inga-Lill Ovin.

Please note that the store only has samples, not any inventory.

1/5 - closed!

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